konnect Issue-date: 30th September, 2019.

Minutes of meeting

Title: Annual General Meeting(AGM 2018-19 & 2019-20 )
Date:29th June, 2019 from 11:00 hrs to 14:30 hrs
Venue: Hotel Chancery, Lavelle Road, Bangalore – 1

Key point discussed are:

  1. Thirty Six (36) ISA Bangalore Section members were in attendance for the AGM, and the quorum for the meeting was established. The AGM commenced at 1100 hrs. on 29-06-2019 in a very cordial atmosphere. The list of ISA Bangalore Section members who attended the AGM is recorded in the register.
  2. The AGM was called to order and Dr. Sunil Shah, President 2018-19, took the chair and conducted the proceedings.
  3. The agenda for the AGM as per the AGM notice dated 07-06-2019 is as follows:
    • Welcome Address
    • Presentation of Annual Report for 2018-2019
    • Presentation of Audited Accounts for 2018-2019.
    • Handing over by outgoing President, Dr. Sunil Shah to Mr. Dr Jayesh Barve, President-Elect as the President for 2019-2020.
    • Election of new Executive Committee members for the year 2019-2020.
    • Appointing the Chairs and team for various committees - President – 2019-2020.
    • Appointment of auditors for the year 2019-2020.
    • Appointment of administrative officer for the year 2019-2020.
    • Resolution, if any, to be sent by 25th June, to the Secretary with CC to Administrative Officer
    • Any other subject with the permission of the chair.
    • Vote of Thanks at 12.30 pm
    • Networking Lunch from 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm.
  4. Welcome Address:
    Dr. Sunil Shah, President 2018-19, welcomed the members gathered to attend the AGM in large number and supporting the activities of the section. He gave a brief overview of the activities of the section in the past year, highlighting the singular achievements of section in the year 2018-19.
    He wished the incumbent team all success in the next year and extended his wholehearted support as Immediate Past President.
  5. The three proposed amendments to byelaws were presented, deliberated upon and passed for incorporation in the Trust deed.
    Antitrust Policy and Trade Secrets :
    Antitrust Clause:
    • ISA members who hold elected or appointed positions in ISA Bangalore section’s Executive committee and Trust could be serving organizations or companies that may or may not be competing with each other in the business environment. Since ISA Bangalore is a common forum for certain topics of discussion specifically related to any company or organization, such as those listed under will need to be completely avoided.
    • Past, current or future prices of products or services
    • What constitutes a “fair” profit margin
    • Increases, decreases, standardization, or stabilization of prices
    • Pricing procedures, Cash discounts and credit terms
    • Control of sales territories, Allocation of markets
    • Refusals to deal with a particular company because of its pricing or distribution practices
    • Whether or not the pricing practices of an industry are unethical or involve unfair or deceptive trade practices
    • Status of litigation against competitors
    • Any such specific discussion may constitute “Anti-trust” action. To minimize any risk of an “Anti-trust” situation arising, all meetings will have a set written agenda circulated in advance of any meeting of ISAB’s Executive Committee and Trust and the agenda shall be devoid of any that constitutes “Anti-trust” issues. Notwithstanding this, it shall be left to any participating member of ISAB’s Executive committee or Trust to protect his/her company’s interest by objecting and bringing to the notice of the chair the “Anti-trust” provision of the section bye-laws and having such a topic removed from discussion and ISA Bangalore Section shall not be deemed to be responsible for any violation of the “anti-trust” clause.

      Proposed by : Mr. Renukaprasad
      Seconded by : Mr. Ravishankar
    • Board of Trustees :
      Page 3 ARTICLE V – BOARD OF TRUSTEES Clause 3b to be amended as below .
      The Board of Trustees shall have 5 (FIVE) members consisting of 3 (THREE) elected members to the Board of Trustees and 2 (TWO) members from the Elected Executive Committee (President and Secretary) as Co-opted members. The duration of office for the Elected Trust members shall be for a period of 5 (FIVE) years from the date of elections at the Annual General Body meeting. However, the duration of office of the co-opted members from the Executive committee shall be for the term of office as Executive Committee members.

      Proposed by : Mr. Rajesh Rathi
      Seconded by : Mr. Rajsekhar Uchil
    • Quorum for General Body Meetings: Amendment proposed.
      The existing 20% will remain. But the quorum will constitute Members living in Bangalore and Members who live out of Bangalore; we should get a scan copy of written consent of participation inabsentia and count for quorum. Any member present in AGM can proxy for maximum only one member in-absentia subject to submission of such written consent.

      Proposed by : Mr. Ram Kerur
      Seconded by : Mr. Umashankar
  6. Presentation of the Annual Report 2018-19:
    Secretary Mr. Anil Kumar presented the Annual Report for the year 2018-19. Copies of Annual Report were distributed to all members. Acceptance of the Annual Report was proposed by Mr. S. Palaniappan and was seconded by Mr. Girish Ayya. The Annual Report was unanimously accepted by all members and passed.
  7. Presentation of Audited Accounts for 2018-19:
    Mr. Mallikarjun Sajjanar, Hon. Treasurer 2018-19 presented the Audited Accounts for the year 201819. He informed the members that there had been a substantial increase in the funds available with the section owing to the successful conduct of the Training Program. There were few clarifications raised and Administrative officer Mr. Gururaj answered the queries to the members present. Acceptance of the Audited Accounts was proposed by Dr. KLS Sharma and seconded by Mr. Ganesh Prabhu. The Report of Audited Accounts was unanimously accepted by all members and passed.
  8. Activities of Student Section :
    Mr. Rajshekhar Uchil, Student Section Liaison presented on activities that has been conducted by the student section.
  9. Handing over of Presidentship by Dr. Sunil Shah to Dr. Jayesh Barve:
    Dr. Sunil Shah President 2018-19, after a very successful and fulfilling year as President handed over the Presidentship to Dr. Jayesh Barve, President Elect 2019-20. Dr. Sunil Shah praised and appreciated the support extended by Dr. Jayesh Barve during his tenure as President and thanked him for the same.
    Dr. Jayesh Barve took the chair as President 2019-20 and conducted the proceedings. He thanked Dr. Sunil Shah for his guidance and requested for his continuing support to the section and its activities.
    The new President then called upon Mr. M Gururaj, Returning Officer to conduct the Election of the new Executive Committee members for the term 2019-20, based on the nominations received.
  10. Election of new Executive Committee members for the term 2019-20:
    Elections were held for the following posts of the EC:
    -President Elect
    - Vice President
    -Hon. Secretary
    -Hon. Treasurer
    • Election of President Elect:
      Mr. Uma Shankar was the lone nomination received for the post of President Elect. He was unanimously elected to the post.
      Proposed by: Dr. KLS Sharma
      Seconded by: Ms. Veena Hedge
    • Election of Vice President:
      Mr. Mallikarjun Sajjanar was the lone nomination received for the post of Vice President. He was unanimously elected to the post.
      Proposed by: Renuka Prasad
      Seconded by: Mr. Ravi B
    • Election of Hon. Secretary:
      Mr. C.S. Prakash was the lone nomination received for the post of Hon. Secretary. He was unanimously elected to the post.
      Proposed by: Mr. Ravi B
      Seconded by: Mr. Ram Kerur
    • Election of Hon. Treasurer:
      Mr. Badrinath B was the lone nomination received for the post of Hon. Treasurer. He was unanimously elected to the post.
      Proposed by: Mr. Ram Kerur
      Seconded by: Mr. Renuka Prasad
  11. The new EC Team for the year 2019-20 took their respective places on the dais amidst applause from the members.
  12. Address by Dr. Jayesh Barve President, 2019-20:
    Dr. Jayesh Barve addressed the members as President of the Bangalore Section for the year 2019-20 and laid the roadmap for the year ahead. He laid stress on the following points as the way ahead for the section:
    - Conducting the student FA meet.
    - Pharma Next 2019
    - Tech Talk series with new themes.
    - Conducting professional training.
    - Continuation of support to student section activities. <\li>
  13. Appointment of auditors for the year 2019-20:
    Dr. Jayesh Barve proposed the continuation of M/s. R. Ramakrishnan & Co, Chartered Accountants as the auditors for the ISA Bangalore Section for the year 2019-20 and the same was accepted by the AGM. M/s. R. Ramakrishnan & Co. will be entrusted with additional responsibility for handling the GST and TDS transactions with the government agencies. Consequently, there will be one agency alone handling all financial matters for the section henceforth.
    The acceptance of the above was proposed by Mr. Rajsekhar Uchil and seconded by Mr. Venkatapathy. The same was unanimously accepted by all members and passed.
  14. Appointment of Administrative officer for the year 2019-20:
    Dr. Jayesh Barve thanked Mr. Gururaj, Administrative Officer and S. Palaniyappan, Consultant to the section. Mr. Gururaj has expressed his wish not to continue as administrative officer and hence a suitable candidate was identified. Mr. M.S. Murali was appointed as the Administrative Officer for a year 2019-20. The acceptance of the above was proposed by Dr. KLS Sharma and seconded by Mr.Ganesh Prabhu. AGM accorded approval for appointment of MR. Murali as Administrative Officer for a year starting 1st July 2019. The same was unanimously accepted by all members and passed. Mr. Gururaj is requested and has kindly agreed to provide necessary training, consulting Mr. Murali for smooth transition period for ~1 month duration in July-2019
  15. Any other subject with the permission of the Chair:
    Under the next agenda point of addressing any other points raised by members present, one point was raised, namely the aim of having a dedicated premise for Bangalore Section operations. It was resolved that a committee headed by Founder and Past-President T R Ravishankar supported by Girish Ayya, Anil Kumar and Umashankar shall undertake the efforts to identify a suitable place and propose the same within ~3 months.
  16. ISA D14 President and ISAB member, Mr. Rajesh Rathi updated about the CSP (Corporate Sponsorship Program) and skill development programs initiatives of ISA D14 and proposed/requested mutually beneficial engagement and support between ISAB and ISA D14.
  17. ISAB member Ms. Kumkum had suggested her views & interest about standardization and skills development activities efforts in certain areas like IOT, IIOT
  18. Vote of Thanks:
    Mr. Girish Ayya proposed the Vote of Thanks.
  19. Lunch
    The AGM concluded at 13:30 Hrs. followed by networking lunch.

Recorded, Prepared by:
CS Prakash
Hon. Secretary 2019-20 – ISA Bangalore Section
Mobile: +91 9901490959