konnect Issue-date: 30th September, 2019.
EC meeting brief report of the year 2019-20

First EC meeting for the year 2019-20 was held on 20th July 2019
Key points discussed are:
  • Jayesh Barve received congratulatory message from all EC members on being selected to receive the “Excellence in Technical Innovation” award from ISA HO.
  • Quick Update of recent Activities on bootcamp at kochi, one day training on safety instrumentation at IISCE and membership Status was given to all EC members present.
  • 2019-20 Activity Overview & plans were presented to all the members.
  • In addition to regular EC meetings, tech-talks, professional technology/standards/leadership training programs, annual events & SS liaisons, etc. an additional focus will be made towards strengthening Academia programs e.g. FDP/Students-educational & training programs/certification trainings
  • Jayesh coined an idea of exploring Training/coaching the students for certification idea was put across within the framework of ISA.
  • To conduct ISAB leadership program for EC/Members.
  • Faculty & Students Training: Faculty development program like FDP/Winter/Summer-schools for 1-2 weeks – should be organized with help of academia, AICTE/ISTE support/ISAB can support tech-resources/course & content design etc.. This can be done in some institute. Content can be around – essential to advance topics. Need to collect curriculum and define a program.
  • Proposed to publish quarterly newsletter (Preferably Oct/Jan/Apr/Jul) and also a monthly news-pager by email/web-site from ISAB (preferably by 10th every month).
  • Discussion on the Bye-Laws for further implementing in trust document and Income tax department was discussed.
  • Budget for 2019-20 to be presented to trust for approval.

  • Second EC meeting for the year 2019-20 was held on 10th August 2019
    Key points discussed are:
  • GST annual filed before 31rst August. The budget presentation was done. Comments on the budget was given for segregation of section and subsection. Eg the details for the cash shall be classified as Fixed, Saving and Impress amount.
  • Sukumaran presented the report on the event conducted by LDRA and this was mailed to the EC members.
  • Appointment of the AO has been done. Transition is under progress.EC team members and respective Chairs will provide necessary guidance to new Admin Mr Murali being completely new to ISAB and related admin work.

  • Third EC meeting for the year 2019-20 was held on 21st September 2019
    Key points discussed are:
  • The Budget was presented & discussed estimates and provision of income and expenditure in detail.
  • Membership Status Updates was given by Mr.Sukumaran that we have Member 180 Professional. 29 Student Members 18 on grace period 19 New Members – 3 professional and 16 students.
  • A brief update was given about the successful organization of ISAB FA meet on 07-Sep-2019 with active participation by >36 FA/SL from ISAB 18 Students sections. A follow-up actions are underway. SS liaison team will share report later.
  • Mr. Jayesh shared efforts underway to organize ISAB-TUV FS IEC 61508/511 standard certification training in late Nov/early Dec 2019. To be finalized soon.
  • Mr. Bhaduri ji suggested to explore any feasibility and suitable options for payment gateways for ISAB events. This shall be useful for the registration fees payment for various ISA Bangalore professional training/symposium events.
  • Pharma Next : The event is suggested to be planned between December and January-2020. Sunil/Jayesh/Uma to do needful, plan/prepare and announce in Oct-2019.