konnect Issue-date: 30th September, 2019.

Title of Event/Activity/News:           Faculty Advisors meet
                                           The Chancery Hotel, Lavelle road, Bangalore
Date(s) Occurring or Occurred:     07/09/2019
Time Occurring or Occurred:        09:30 Hrs to 18:00Hrs
Event or Section Web Address:     http://isabangalore.org.in/
Contact Person Name and Email:
  Jayesh Barve, barve.jayesh@gmail.com
Description of Event/Activity/News:
Faculty Advisors meet was organized for the variuos ISAB-Student sections. Faculty advisors were present along with their students members. The objective of this meet was to obtain the action plans of respective students sections, their requirements and support form ISAB for the academic year 2019-20.
All the faculty advisors presented their requirement and activities planned for the current academic year 2019-20 along with their students. Followed by this was a tech talk from Siemens on “ Overview, Process:Siemens University Automation COE Support system” by Mr. Aravind R.
Later, ISAB President Jayesh Barve summarized the entire session and suggested the faculty advisors, the following points:
  • Techtalks on Process control
  • To prepare calender of events for the year exclusively for ISA related activities.
  • Industry visits planning for small industry as well and to correlate the concepts learned along with the visits.
  • Support will be provided from ISAB to organize Faculty development programmes during winter/ summer.
  • Encouraged the faculties to do ISA Certification course like CAP, CCST for professional enhancement.
  • To actively take part in iACT and SAIT programmes.

  • Mr.Rajesh Rati, district Vice president of D14 Head highlighted the important events coming up for the year 2019-20 like All India meet, Leadership camp for faculties and students, cyber certificate conference, internship opportunities, apply for students section awards.
    Finally, the meet concluded by vote of thanks by Mr. Umashankar, President Elect.