konnect Issue-date: 30th September, 2019.
ISA Bangalore Section: Membershp Status update on 1st Oct 2019
Type of Membership No of Members Remarks
Professional 172 Senior Life:5,Life:1,Senior Member :46 and Member:120
Student 31 Members of ISA Bangalore Section(not part of student section)
Grace 21 Professional:18 & Student:3
Total Members 224 Total Members as on 1st Jan 2019:189(161 professional+12students+16 0n grace)
Suspended 59 Since January 2018 due to non-renewal,even after grace period
Subscriber 157 ACS after one year,requested to join ISA as regular member
ISA Bangalore Section - New Members 2019
Month / Year Category New Member
January 2019 Professional Venu Reddy
January 2019 Professional L A E Fernandez
January 2019 student -
February 2019 Professional Jogesh Nanda
February 2019 Student -
March 2019 Professional Narsipur Amarnath
March 2019 Professional Sandipan Banerjee
March 2019 Professional Abi Mathew
March 2019 Professional Girish Savannur
March 2019 Student Devanshu Mukherjee
March 2019 Student Somali Roy
April 2019 Professional Dileep K
April 2019 Professional Athif Allam
April 2019 Professional Rajkumar Govindaraj
April 2019 Professional  Boby Joseph
April 2019 Professional Shiv Kataria
April 2019 Professional  Vinila M L
April 2019 Professional  Gopal Mishra
April 2019 Professional Anish Mitra
April 2019 Professional  Madan Mohan
April 2019 Professional Arun Nallasamy
April 2019 Professional Gaurang Panchal
April 2019 Professional  Pavan T L
April 2019 Student  -
May 2019 Professional  Aijaz Ahmed Mir
May 2019 Student Srinuvasa Rao
May 2019 Student Chetan Reddy
May 2019 Student Aakriti Bhagat
June 2019 Professional Pravin Jayapaul
June 2019 Student -
July 2019 Professional Shri Harsha L
July 2019 Professional Karen Mendonca
July 2019 Professional Sachin Sagar
July 2019 Professional Vamsi Krishna Sirigina
July 2019 Student Sonu Sam
August 2019 Professional Rakesh Lingappa
August 2019 Professional Mukesh Shrivastava
August 2019 Professional Syed Zaid
August 2019 Student Sanath Kumar A L
August 2019 Student Hemanth E
August 2019 Student Sriharsha G A
August 2019 Student Anup Kumar H M
August 2019 Student Aalap Jayaram
August 2019 Student Srujan K R
August 2019 Student Halaswamy M H
August 2019 Student Darshan M V
August 2019 Student Shwetha R B
August 2019 Student Anushree R T
August 2019 Student Aravind U R
August 2019 Student Chirag Sharma
September 2019 Professional Rejul Panoli Manat
September 2019 Professional Srikant Pisipati
September 2019 Student Manoj A Banakar
September 2019 Student Rahul Choudhary
September 2019 Student Chaitanya Gadgil
September 2019 Student Bharat Kulkarni
September 2019 Student Naveen M S