konnect Issue-date: 30th September, 2019.

ISA Students section formal Inaugural workshop

On 19/09/2019, ISA NIT-Tiruchirappalli Student Section, along with institute director and esteemed committee members of ISA Bangalore, helped to inaugurate the newly formed ISA-NITTS chapter with more than 200 students in attendance. Starting the event on an auspicious note, lighting of the lamp and a prayer to the Almighty commenced the event at 9 30 pm. A welcome address given by the student section president of ISA-NITTS followed. Next, Prof. Umapathy (department of ICE, NITT) gave a few words on the history of ISA in NITT, past and present activities undertaken by student section and the importance of student involvement.
The inauguration itself began by an inspiring talk given by the director on how professional engineering body’s can enhance the growth mindset of an engineering student. The director ma’am went on to share her own experience of being actively involved in IEEE activities in Asia. At around 10 pm the official charter-ship certificate was presented to institute director by faculty advisor (Prof G. Uma madam) and by dignitaries from Bangalore section.
The second section of the event constituted of seminars featuring illustrious speakers from wide ranging areas of engineering. With 50+ years of managerial and industrial experience between them, the speakers shed light on the following topics:
  1. About ISA - Rajshekhar Uchil, Deputy General Manager, Josts Engineering
  2. Automation Trends: Renewable Hybrid Distributed PowerGen and IIOT for Rural Microgrids - Dr Jayesh Barve, Principal, GE Global Research
  3. Transformation from an Engineer to an Engineering Professional - Renukaprasad Belgur, ISAB Mentorship

Lecture 1: Featured overview of ISAB and student section membership. The speaker dwelled into the role of ISA in terms of global automation. The manner in which an ISA engineer is uniquely positioned to understand technologies such as big data analysis, cybersecurity, IOT, networking and cloud computing that have become synonymous with efficient automation and indirectly with overall successes of any business. The benefits that ISA offered were discussed:
  • Free access to pre-recorded web seminars
  • Free access to ISA technical papers library
  • Scholarships
  • Opportunity to learn globally
  • Free subscription to digital InTech and Automation Weekly e-newsletter
  • View ISA standards online (does not include free viewing of International Electrochemical Commission [IEC] documents.)

  • Overview of events conducted by other ISA sections were presented in order to show the scope of ISA student engineers to potential members in the audience. Lastly, the future activities of ISAB such as IACT 2020 and summer automation games were briefly discussed.
    To encourage networking and critical thinking, a tea break was in order. Sweet and savory snacks were served along with tea and cool drink to audience members. During the break, students from various departments were engaged in a question and answer session with our guests from ISAB. This informal section was vital for cohesive discussion as students were able to gleam great insights and advice on how to proceed with their own project/work load.

    Lecture 2: This lecture was presented by the beloved president of ISAB, Mr.Jayesh Barve. It entailed an in-depth analysis of Renewable Hybrid Distributed PowerGen and IIOT for Rural microgrids. The lecture began with a rudimentary introduction to renewable energy. A grueling analysis of energy data aided in forming the conclusion that micro grids/smart grids are the most efficient manner in which we can deploy energy to all parts of the world, given the current energy scenario. Most notably, the lecture included data on GE’s micro grid projects deployed in under developed parts in Africa (i.e. Ethiopia). It was a great example for students to witness how industrial automation was being used for a practical application. It was particularly inspiring because the Micro grid project aimed to provide basic health care via the means to access electricity 24/7 in isolated parts of the world. Other than this, slides also included access to live data from a renewable energy site thousands of miles away. This was an attempt to show how IIOT has given us the means to operate and monitor our energy production.

    Lecture 3: The final lecture of the series was based on the driving principles behind every engineering professional. The concept of “Jugaad” was explained to aspiring engineers as a cautionary tale and the importance of the qualities such as practicality, adaptability and perpetually learning and growing was reiterated by Mr. Renukaprasad Belgur. The concept of a professional engineer and the responsibility it entails was explained in a tact manner.
    The event was extremely rewarding for both the audience members and organizing ISA NIT committee. A growing interest for ISA has been duly noted which will helpful during upcoming membership drive. The feedback of many students was that they were grateful to be part of such networking activities and would like to participate in upcoming events.
    The event was successfully concluded by presentation of institute mementos to all guests and vote of thanks delivered by ISA-NITTS student secretary. The ISA NIT Trichy team would once again like to express their sincere thanks towards ISAB team for gracing us with their presence during inauguration and sharing their knowledge with us.