konnect Issue-date:30th September, 2019.

Title of Event/Activity/News:           Tech Talk-2 on “Opensource software platforms and Engineering Applications”
                                           The Chancery Hotel, Lavelle road, Bangalore
Date(s) Occurring or Occurred:     07/09/2019
Time Occurring or Occurred:        15:30 Hrs to 18:00Hrs
Event or Section Web Address:     http://isabangalore.org.in/
Contact Person Name and Email:
  Ramdas C, rchandrashekar09@gmail.com
Description of Event/Activity/News:
Dr.Sunil Shah, CO-Founder and CEO of Modelicon InfoTech, bangalore (ISAB-past President) was the resource person.
Tech Talk focused on the advantages of using Open source software’s and highlighted about some myths associated with using open source platforms. Using commercialized softwares would lead to losing fundamental concepts and is tailored made, we just have to blindly use it and would not allow to modify the codes. He also mentioned about the different open source flatforms like Open Modelica, Open FOAM, DWSIM, SCilab, eSIM, OPENPLC, Python etc., available for various domains of engineering applications.
He also demonstrated some of the applications developed using open source platforms like simulation in space 3D domain, Hardware in the loop simulation for UAV, Streamlines showing outer and inner vortices in a Ranque-Hilsch Vortex tube of Refrigerator modelled, open source drones developed for TATA company.
The session concluded with the quote of - Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, that “In India, open source code software will have to come and stay in a big way for the benefit of our billion people."