konnect Issue-date: 30th September, 2019.

President's Message

Jayesh Barve

My Dear Automation Professionals:

It is great pleasure to connect with you via this 1st newsletter after taking over the responsibility as ISA Bangalore Section President for Jul-2019 to Jun-2020 term. Myself, the Executive Committee (EC) members, and our new Administrative officer are all excited, passionate and committed to do our best to fulfil your faith on us, to strengthen ISA Bangalore section further, on the solid foundation laid by our previous leaders/teams over past many years. We have planned exciting set of programs and activities for 2019-20 to cater to our regular members and the student sections. Have already started working hard to fulfil them. [“Humble Beginning”!!!].

First, wish you and your family members greetings and the best wishes for the series of festivals – past Janmashtami/Eid/Ganesh-Chaturthi/Independence-day etc.; ongoing Navratri/Durga-puja/Dushera etc.; and upcoming Deepavali/Govardhan Puja/Karnataka Foundation Day/Christmas etc. -- during outgoing and upcoming quarters of Jul-2019 to Jun-2020 term! [India - the Land of Festivals!!!].

Highlights of outgoing quarter (Jul-Sep 2019): Alongside our annual planning activity, we already started executing on regular education-cum-networking activity i.e. Monthly “ISAB Tech-Talks” delivered on various topics by experts from industry-academia, and will continue it across the year. We successfully organized “ISAB FA meet 2019” – an annual meet organized by ISAB section to engage all faculty-advisors & student-leaders from all ISAB “affiliated” students’ sections (spread across states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala). In which, we discussed various activities, updates, plans of our students’ sections, and deliberated to suitably guide & support all ISAB students’ section in smoothly conducting their activities.

Recently, we also formally inaugurated our latest students’ section at NIT-Tiruchirappalli – one amongst India’s top institutes. We also plan to encourage and work towards establishing stronger collaboration amongst our students’ sections to help them leverage synergistic and complimentary facilities and capabilities – supporting collaborative learnings! Am happy to share with you all, that we now have ~20 students’ sections and poised to grow more. This is due to our strong focus on engagement with our students’ sections – thereby contributing to society, community thereby fulfilling one of the key objectives of ISA. Todays’ students are future professionals and I personally believe (and know you all would agree) it’s our responsibility to share knowledge, experience, and wisdom with next generation to nurture them. Thereby we fulfil obligation to return, in a noble way, what we received from elders - let the cycle continue. [“Responsible and Charged Up”!!!].

Glimpses of upcoming Oct-Dec2019 quarter: In addition to regular Techtalks, we are lining up interesting & valuable professional Training programs, including 4-day “Functional Safety Certification Program” in accordance with IEC 61508/61511 Standards. We believe it is valuable, hence encourage interested ISAB members (and automation professionals in your network) to benefit from this certification program, being offered at very attractive, discounted fees (compared to standard commercial fees) possible due to our collaboration with certification academy/trainers. Besides, we will also see ISAB more strongly engaged with academia through technical co-sponsorship & program-support for new set of activities by our students’ section and their parent-institutes organizing ISA relevant international conferences. We will keep announcing our programs regularly in coming months. Keep watching ISAB website, emails, social group. [“Stay Tuned to Jump In”!!!].

Sneak Peek in Future from 2020 quarters: Wait for our flagship programs i.e. iACT-2020 & ISAB Symposium-2020, and IIOT, AI & Cyber-security related programs. Also, await some new section-engagement activities being planned by revitalized ISA District-14. Will share more as we sail along and in next (Oct-Dec2019) Newsletter edition. [“Wait & Watch!!!”].

Thanks very much to my (rather our!) ISAB Core & Executive Committee members, and ISAB Trust for the continued guidance, support and team-work. Special thanks to our Newsletter team to timely come-up with well-compiled, well-designed (Jul-Sep-2019) ISAB Newsletter Edition! Above all, I thank you all for your enthusiastic participation, support and request to provide your suggestions about programs and activities to further strengthen & encourage us to do more. Also, invite you to come forward and engage more actively by participating in ISAB programs by suggesting/offering Techtalks, joining/volunteering in organizing activities, and simply also by submitting interesting technical/soft-skill articles for our quarterly Newsletter. [“Together We Win”!!!].

I take this opportunity to also request you to share, spread awareness about ISA and ISAB section, activities and the membership benefits, and thereby also contribute directly to grow ISA and ISAB section. [“Each One, Get One?!!”].

Thank you

With the Best Regards

Dr. Jayesh Barve
President, ISA Bangalore section (2019-20)